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Part 1

Discussion in 'Blog John' started by john, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. john

    john Well-Known Member

    Part 1
    The Story about Me
    Hi there, I'm John, 34 y.o happy father of 3 wonderful daughters, I bike, run, swim and most of the time doing weight trainning now. The story you're about to read is all about me, my opinion, my thoughts, my experience, my wildest imagination, how i see things within my own eyes. Some writtings maybe innapropriate for a few readers, please be calm and gentle cause in the end of the day thats hows life working right? some agree with you while others dont but still things happend.​
    Thanks to the Cycling-id and uncle MT as moderator for giving me a little space for me here..​
    Feel free to discuss, and anything down bellow. ​
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  2. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    om john memandikan sepeda atau sepeda memandikan om john ?:))
  3. reggie

    reggie Active Member

    Keren sepedanya sampe mandi bersama :D

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  4. john

    john Well-Known Member

    mandi bersama om haha
    itu foto dari luar kok om hihi
    bini ke 2 om
  5. reggie

    reggie Active Member

    helm - botol -sma kacamata nya smpe gk d lepas :giggle:
  6. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    That was a good first post, John. Enjoyed the photo. :D
  7. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    is that real photo shoot?
  8. mt

    mt Pensiun Dulu

    Masak engga?

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  9. john

    john Well-Known Member

    thanks om mod MT

    its real..
    but its not me as i say it on my #4 post
    i just got it somewhere in the net.. just describe how the line "Istri ke2" really means

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