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Hallo here

Discussion in 'English Language Forum' started by 0600661160, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    Apparently there is no new thread here. So I make new thread for those who are english speaking guys or girl and for ones that want to practise ones English. Maybe we gonna start with a short introduction?

    I just come back from België and now I´m waiting in Indonesia for my first job. I ussually ride MTB and roadbikes ( in België ). I really love to explore Indonesia with MTB. I think MTB is the best option to explore Indonesia with the steep hill and woods. I also have been ride to several areas like somewhere arround puntjak, pelabuhan ratu, djogjakarta, bali and batu raden.

    And playing bicycle in Indonesia I think is the best and with a lot of adrenaline pumping..

    Thats my story and how about you? Or maybe we can arrange a xc touring arround Indonesia? That would be nice
  2. cebem

    cebem Member

    i want to practice english mister.may i?:p

    for beginning,where do you live now?
  3. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    yes indeed everyone is free to practice one´s English here. Actually my english is not good enough I still need to practice a lot..
    I live in Jakarta now. But I was living in België for past 2 years to completed my study.
    In België also I met with the mean machine called roadbike. Mostly in low countries area ( Nederlands and België ) roadbike or koersfiets we named here is very popular. Maybe we all knew the famous Edouard Louis Joseph Merckx a.k.a Eddy Merckx or Kevin Pauwles or Sven Nys ( the most famous cycloracer in Belgium ), Philippe Gilbert and Tom Boonen.
    Before that I only played the MTB in wallonië area or sometimes travel to France or German ( but mainly to Germany ). I played the roadbike because is easy, you just bring your bike outside your house and ride. In Belgium and Nederlands they had integrated maps. So if you want to solo touring outside the country just open the browser and type fietsnet.be and you can enjoy the trip.

    And how about you? what is your experince within bicycle? Tell that to us. Or maybe you had stories that related with bicycle? Feel free to shared here..
  4. cebem

    cebem Member

    dont forget thomas de gendt who won quenn stage of giro d italia last year.an old school attack of him could cause he took maglia rosa in that stage but rodriguez know he must attack for keep the gap.
    i dont know where i must tell my experience first but i began riding on MTB federal mt everest from my dad which he bought at kalimantan in 1994.and i feel there is something unique for this bike so in my 15 age,i began to ride it.first time i ride it was a fast bicycle because of its rigid system of my bike.and i began to practice hill climbing,first time it was exhausting,i couldnt keep up after 5 km,but i practice hard and first time i fall in love with cycling just because of uphill,we get the happines from the suffer of the climbs,thats an antique.and i began to ride a road bike in age of 16,especially i bought a TT bike not a road bike because i was amateur in this major so i confuse to choose.but i keep my practice harder and harder until now.my biggest achievment for now is i can attack a local athlete from bandung and can keep the distance between me and him.why i know he is an athlete?necause in his jersey written 'kota bandung'.but i dont know if he was practice or cooling down.and for now i prepare to go for classical road race in my hometown,bandung.the name is kejurnas tanjakan.i hope my time is right to participate.thats all.sorry for the boring story and the grammar or the verb.because i still learn english:oops:
  5. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    Nope its okay. One must keep trying and trying to improve one English. The basic idea of communication is to deliver the messege.

    So from that story you are living in Bandoeng? Parijs van Java. I´ve played sometracks in Bandoeng such as the warban uphill and punclut and tjikole..
    But, now if I want to go to Bandoeng I will think it twice. With all the traffic jam.. Huff.. I´d rather to spent my time in my home. The Dutch said is gewoon hier..
  6. cebem

    cebem Member

    yeah you're right.so you had gone to warban?this is my favourite track when i'm on MTB.yeah you're right its full of traffic jam so i must go riding on dawn so i can take some clear air.is there a lot of traffic jam in dutch?
  7. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    hoo english thread, may i join ? my english was not good too, but i like to practice in every moment i have it, like speaking or texting with my girlfriend or my family :D and now in cycling-id

    (hope this web doesnt change the name to cycling-eng) hehehehe

    im still bring dictionary around everywhere coz my vocab was not too good, btw im living in jakarta like yourself, maybe we can set arrangement to meet ? in cfd at sunday on scbd maybe? i like to hear living stories from others country, the difference bout culture, life style etc
  8. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    Some correction.. But actually your English is good. Maybe you gonna ask me why I change that ( the one with bold letter) . Well I must said I don´t know why? I think because only on habit and if you said that sentence is not good in ones ear.

    first thing first if you want to learn new language ( any kind of language ) do not start with the slang words like coz or bout or something. Use the correct one. It will help you to learn also. I´m not saying the slang words is wrong but if you want to learn the correct one you must put the correct words as well.

    That one is also happen to me when learning the Nederlands taal. In practice you can do that but not in written with other people. Maybe you will get some miss understanding.
  9. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    oww:oops: , ok dude, thanks for your information and correction
    by the way, may i share my experience with a machine called "bike ?"

    first time i know a bicycle when i was 4th year old:giggle:, my parents gave me a bmx with one single supports side by side. based on my parents stories (crap, i really cant remember my life between range 0-5th year:)) ) they say im always going anywhere with my bike, and since my dad detached the wheel supports im going anywhere with my bike like someone bring the dog:))

    it happens in a few months, after lot of scratch, wound and bruised, finally i can cycling with two wheels bike:giggle:
    enough for today, back to work again
  10. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    Wow, English thread... good idea to practice our english. English is very important nowadays because of globalization. Everyone have to be fluent in english, or at least know english.

    Eventhough i stay in Singapore for the past 4 years, i'm still not that good in english, especially the grammar. so, please correct me if i made a mistake. People here, especially the locals speak with their version of english, or we call it 'Singlish' (Singapore English), It's english with a lot of influence from Malay, Mandarin and Tamil language. you can google it if you want to know what singlish is, or you can just visit singapore since it's so easy to fly to this country.

    0600661160, nice to know you.. So you were stay in Belgium for 2 years? That's great, dude.. Belgium, from what i know is pretty much a capital of cycling, a lot of cycling events happen there. it must have been a very good experience to cycle in Belgium. Man, i wish i can cycle there.:sob:

    Singapore is a very small country. you can do round island in 5-6 hours only, around 150-160km (century ride). Road cycling is getting popular nowadays, you can see hundreds of cyclist on weekends, some of them ride on weekdays as well, including me, haha...
    That's good but sometimes it can be bad also, because drivers here are not ready for that. Most of them still think that cyclist should not allowed on the road, therefore they dont want to share the road. so, cycling here sometimes can be dangerous with that kind of reckless driver. That's why we have to ride very careful and it's better to ride in a group.

    if you 0600661160, cabem, dxtr or anyone in this forum want to visit singapore. bring your bike and dont be hesitate to contact me. if i'm available, i will take you around and introduce you to my cycling friends..:D
  11. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    Yup i think english now is our 2nd language here. Nowdays its obligatory to understand english in the world. Because our world become more global. Beside english maybe you can learn some mndarin or maybe arabic or french.

    I'd love to ride in singapore or in the foreign countries but. Now still had not boight my road bike. Still searching the suitable one. I surf some of Indonesian e store and i found my frame in belgium they sold it for 6,5 million rupiah wow geweldig.
    That ammount is the same ammount i paid for my fullbike in belgië and of course is 2nd.

    By the way in singapore did they had dedicated bike lane? Did you get a fine if you don't ride your bicycle in bicycle lane?
  12. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    Nope, There is no bike lane here. only PCN (park connection network) in some area. It's good for fun and relax ride, but not good enough for road cycling sport and commuting because the distance is not long enough, the road is too narrow and in certain time it full of jogger.

    Talk about finding a new bike, it's always fun to do that. Here in singapore, the price is even worse, more expensive than other countries. Some people prefer to order online from US or UK. good luck on your bike hunt..!! hope you get what you're looking for..:D
  13. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    om mancastillo, you said the price about bike and parts in singapore even worse, more expensive than other country. could you give us some example ? comparison price in singapore and the other country, maybe like this, the price of schwalbe ultremo zx on local shop in indonesia is around Rp. 400.000/pieces, in black market around Rp 125.000-Rp 250.000/pieces:giggle:, how about in Singapore ?
  14. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    Hi bro dxtr, I'm not really sure about the price for Schwalbe Ultremo ZX. but, i saw someone posted it online for $110/pair (about Rp860.000,-) I think that's the cheapest price you can get. in normal bike shop, the price can be up to $150/pair or more.
    I use Continental GP4000s. i got it from "so called black market", because the shop is very small and hidden, only few people know this shop. i got it for $100/pair. normal price is $80/piece. for small item, it's cheaper and easier to get online from overseas, like chainreactioncycles.com or wiggle.co.uk.
  15. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    hoo, the price of schwalbe ultremo zx in singapore its just a little bit different:giggle:, but continental gp4000s in here its just around Rp400.000-Rp500.000/pieces, you can check in bukalapak.com. so not every part more expensive than other country i think.

    mm, sorry, if member cycling-id need some help like buy some parts in singapore, would you mind to help us ?:cool:
    example i saw a lot of topeak things and want to buy it, but in rodalink i cant see it:cry: , maybe in singapore more complete than indonesia
  16. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    yeah definitely singapore had more stuff than Indonesia. If you browse trough the company website. They had their representative office in Singapore but, they don´t have it on Indonesia. Its so pitty, because we were have bigger market than Singapore.
  17. Mancastillo

    Mancastillo Wheel Sucker

    i dont mind to help buy some stuff. but how do i send it to you. i never try to send anything to Indonesia before. so i don't know what's the postage rates here. And i rarely go to Jakarta. :oops:

    I totally agree with you. Singapore is pretty much the center of South East Asia, in term of business and trading. And because cycling getting popular, more bike shops are open and more variety of cycling brand coming to singapore.
  18. dxtr

    dxtr Peternak Sepeda

    oww, ok om, i dont understand too about the shipping stuff overseas:oops:, maybe theres anyone here know the shipping process from singapore to indonesia ?
  19. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    i think shipping in everywhere is the same. I shipped my stuff from België to Indonesië. And I paid for only 30 euro. The dimension of the boxes it 50cmx1mx50cm..
    And it takes 2 months from the date that you sent the package untill the date that you recieve in your place in Jakarta.

    If you want to shipped something I think you must search the shipping company first. In Singapore I think there is a lot of shipping company that shipped to Indonesia. And you must make sure that you already packed well your package. Because sometimes the customs did random check.
  20. 0600661160

    0600661160 Active Member

    zeg, anyone want to ride tomorrow?

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