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Cycling in central Jawa: di mana?

Discussion in 'English Language Forum' started by vindalooman, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    Sorry if I write in English, but my bahasa indonesia is very weak.

    Next month I will be in Indonesia for family reasons (isteri saya dari Indonesia).
    My time will be full with family matters but I hope I have one or two days I can spare to bycicle a bit when we will be in central Jawa (we still don't know if Yogya or Solo).

    I would prefer road bike, are there any track you could suggest in Central Jawa?
    I would need something
    - max 100-120 km
    - max 2000 mt of ascending
    - no traffic or as few traffic as possible (since I know Indonesia, I understand this is a tough one :)
    - decent tarmac

    As an alternative, I could do some mountain bike... also in this case, is there an track you could suggest?

    Moreover, is there any bike rental (in Jakarta and/or in Central Jawa)?

    Thanks for the info you can give
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  2. ppephe

    ppephe Bali 2014 Organiser

    Paging om @Ary

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  3. tato

    tato Well-Known Member


    Nice to meet you.

    I can only speak of Jogja and road bike routes. If you start early enough (around 4:30am), traffic in Jogja is manageable. We have relatively smooth routes for up to 300km (learning from Audax event). Flat routes go around southern part of Jogja, while climbing ones go towards north.

    Regarding bike rentals, perhaps others can provide more information.
  4. ppephe

    ppephe Bali 2014 Organiser

    Maybe @setzz @john could help for solo area

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  5. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    solo area can go towards east to the mt lawu, (tawangmangu- cemoro sewu pass) total distance for round trip about 80km, if you wanna go futher east to lake sarangan.. about 10 km descent.
    but going back to solo u need to ascend again to cemoro sewu pass then descent all the way to Solo. total ascend about 1800amsl - 2200 amsl (if extended to lake sarangan)
    road condition smooth. climbing after tawangmangu about 10-20%
  6. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    I thought I already answered this post but clearly my post got lost somewhere (PC problems)
    Thanks to everyone for the kind answers.
    Wake up and ride at 4:30 a.m. means I will have to bring the lights for the sepeda from here... can be done and it will leave me more time for family and friends afterwards
    Thanks also for the indications about how steep it is the road to cemoro sewu pass. It means I will have to seek for a bicycle with gears like 34-30 or similar (I am not a great climber, even I do like climbing)

    From your answers I get that once I get out from Jogja/Solo the traffic is not that gila... am I right? That would be a nice news, since I know how gila can get traffic in Indonesia big cities :)

    I hope I improve my bahasa indonesia so I will be able to contribute to this nice forum in a better way

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  7. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    jogja to solo can took secondary route, im not really sure about it but the road was so quite in the mids of rice field, main road will not be that busy before 7am. but will be very busy after that.
    om @john would you share any info for the alternative route from jogja to solo?
  8. diablovampiro

    diablovampiro Member

    hi mr vindaloman, I would be very happy to accompany you if you want to climb to Cemoro sewu.The highest paved road connected in Central Java , I come from Karanganyar, Central Java. some members of the Cycling-ID forum calling me "Kuncen" (Guard in English) of Mount Lawu:oops::oops:. So when you want cycling to Central Java in particular to Solo/Karanganyar you can contact me. Thanks
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  9. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    Well, Jogja to Solo is just an idea, other ideas could be climbing hills near one of the two cities
    (depends where we will stay, isteri saya punya keluarga besar di Indonesia; Dia punya keluarga di Solo dan di Jogja )

    Hello mr Kuncen (boleh saya call you that way?)
    Thanks for your offer, in case my destination will be Solo and in case Saya bisa bersepeda dan saya bisa sewa sepeda I will contact you. Just beware... I am very slow in climbing :) Harus bersepeda pelan pelan ;-)

  10. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    Aduh maaf yah,
    I have just knew from my wife that the family will have a big reunion in Bali...
    Jadi ngak bisa istirahat di Central Jawa... sorry for disturbing you and thanks for all your help anyway...
    I would like to seek information about bersepeda di Bali, but now I feel a bit embarassed


    Thanks again to everyone
  11. tato

    tato Well-Known Member

    No worries... You can ride around Central Java next time. There are several forum members in Bali, you can ask them for more information. They have their own thread. I'm pretty sure one of them even has several bikes. Paging om @dasarbule.
  12. dasarbule

    dasarbule Wes Tuek

    @vindalooman , I'll sent you a PM a little later today. For now you can check out some info and routes here and here.

    Best Regards,
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  13. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    Thanks to everyone :)
    I will for sure check and I will bersepeda in Central Java one day for sure

  14. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    Reading the Bali threads you pointed me (a bit with my bahasa indonesia and a bit thanks to Google Translator)... for instance the Ubud ke Kintamani trip look veery interesting :)

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  15. Ary

    Ary The Locomotive

    @vindalooman : Please visit Semarang, and you can ride at various terrain ... hilly Bandungan for example, and long flat road Semarang to Kudus ... and a lot of culinary agenda to acompany your cycling trip ...
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  16. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion
    I have taken a note for Semarang
    Expecially for the culinary agenda :)

  17. madnesse

    madnesse New Member

    So how about cycling in bali LoL...?
    Bali have a lot of route and any type cycling sport route.
  18. vindalooman

    vindalooman New Member


    I just got back from Bali. I had some nice days over there and experiencing nostalgia now :)
    I managed to go around by bike only a couple of days, but I really enjoyed the time spent cycling (except maybe for a moment
    when I saw a brick wall getting way too close :) ). Mainly I went around Ubud, the rice fields around there can offer some nice view and roads with no traffic at all.
    Btw I enjoyed all the time in Bali!

    I will try to post some images of the trip later on...
    Too bad my legs were not strong enough to climb Gunung Batur or other mountains in the island... next time I will!

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  19. setzz

    setzz Well-Known Member

    Next time you can page @dasarbule
  20. Marto

    Marto New Member


    From 31-5 until 21-6-2015 my wife (Indonesian), our two children and I will be on a family visit / holiday in Solo.
    My hobby is cycling (mountainbike and racebike). I am 34 years old, I dont ride any races but I am a reasonable fanatic recreational cyclist. I have been to Solo a couple of times and I would love to cycle (by racebike) in the Tawangmangu area. Also It would be great if I can climb Gunung Lawu by bicycle. I already found a relative in Solo who can accompany me in that area. My quastion is about the bike. Is it possible to rent a racebike in Solo? If yes, do you know a good place? I am 180 cm and about 74 kilogram. Normal frame size is 58 cm. I ride a Trek aluminium frame with shimano ultegra parts. I prefer to ride with a triple or compact so I have enough gears for the steep parts. I am in preparation for a one week trainingholiday in the mountains in Italy in august this year.

    With kind regards,

    Marto Dikromo

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